Instant hair style last night. Hello Shorty! :D

Happy lang :D

Thank you, Rain. :’) #blessed

Supportive Girlf here. :D #lateupload

I’ve seen right through ad underneath.

Dinner with Family and Boyf. ♡


My Gwachi Baby.

Home-made ukoy :D YUMMY! HAHA


Fresh from Cebu with Love. Zalamaaatz Chim @angelina_jollii :D

Got my First Loom Band from my Boyf’s sister #Angelique :) Thank youuu, sweetkid. :* P.S. I’m expecting more loombands from you @yessaaaaa & @justinecrazyyy HAHAHA

Thankyyy #Charmaine for this cute DIY butterfly hairband :D

Having a boy bestfriend ain’t new to me, but having YOU as my BIPOLAR/Sadist/Harsh/Possessive/Blablabla Boy Bestfriend made our friendship unique. :) Now you’re a Big Boy ya tamen, find a girlf na, AllenLoves! PROMISE I WON’T BE LIKE YOU SI CHENE YA TU GIRLF, I’ll be good >:))) I miss you and I love you even more! May this new year bring you all of your desires. All the best for you, Allenloves! Friends are forever diba? To eternity & beyond! :D


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